Electric Dog Fence Training-Day Three


Day three is all about reinforcement and expansion. By now your dog most likely understands the basic responses associated to visual feedback as provided by the flags and it has a sense of what is likely to happen when approaching certain areas. With this idea in mind day three will require three sessions of ten minutes each. Keep in mind that you are not to leave the dog outside unsupervised at this stage. Schedule the training sessions to match times of the day when your dog or dogs are likely to be outside. If you are planning a session after dark consider illuminating the yard with a high lumens flashlight.

  1. Begin the session by reviewing the boundaries from day one and day two.
  2. Expand the training area by adding flags to the left and right of the original area.
  3. Always work from a controlled leash pulling the dog back immediately after listening to the audible signal
  4. Loosen the leash and allow the door to explore being ready to pull once the dog receives static correction

Reward Proper Responses

Day three of training is all about reinforcement and reward. Always praise your dog when they voluntarily walk back to the safe zone. Some trainers even opt for treats as a reward for desirable fence behavior. If you are training several dogs at once do keep a ratio of one trainer per dog to give the dog your full attention.

Electric dog fences, when installed properly and supported by proper training are an ideal way to keep your dog safe within desired boundaries. For over two decades invisible dog fences have become the choice of dog owners seeking solutions that give dogs the greatest amount of freedom while safely keeping your pets in your yard or property.

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