Doritos Electric Bark Collar Ad

The Doritos ad that aired during the superbowl reminds us of an important principle when training a dog in using an electric fence. In the ad, a dog wearing an electric bark collar approaches a man for a corn chip. The man taunts the dog and tries to get the dog to bark in exchange for the treat, hoping the dog will get shocked. The ad ends with the man getting his comeupance when the dog puts the collar on the man and barks.

When you use a electric dog fence collar, you are in a position of trust that you must be careful to exercise carefully. Now, no mentally healthy person would never deliverately try and shock their dog for entertainment, but they will often create a similar result by leading the dog over the boundary on a lead all for the sake of training, to show the dog what not to do. This is not a good idea, you may teach the dog where the boundary region is, but you are also training your dog not to trust you.

When you are in the training phase, it is important that you never induce the dog to get a correction in a way that might compromise your trust with the dog.

For example, never call the dog across the boundary. As the dog should never get punished for following your instructions, nor ever have reason to doubt your instructions. In the training always let the dog make it’s own decsions as to whether to cross. If the dog does not cross then they should be rewarded.

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