New Dogtek EF-4000 System

dogtek-numaxes-logoThere is a new electric dog fence system on the market from a new company called Dogtek.  The system, the EF-4000 is an imported system from France, made by a company called Num’Axes.  What is particularly interesting about this system is that it allows the user to set the correction boundary width and the warning boundary width separately.  This gives the user the flexibility to give the dog more warning area or less warning.  This will be the only system available that allows this extra flexibility

The Dogtek EF-4000, is based on the base model system by Num’Axes.  We have a demo unit of the EF-4000 in house and will provide a more detailed review of the system in the early new year.  The feature list looks very impressive and we expect the unit to retail for around $200. (eight correction levels, generic collar battery, 18 gauge wire)

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  1. Tim McCool says:

    Your web site has been a great help understanding electric fence options. Thank you. I do have a few questions regarding installation of the under ground wire for the Innotek IUC 5100 and PetSafe Ultrasmart systems. I installed a pvc pipe from one side of my driveway to the other when we were getting a new driveway. It is 6″ – 12″ deep. Is that too deep for the wire to work correctly? Also, where the wire runs back to the control module in the house, how does that protion not shock the dog? Finally is there a way to make the house perimeter itself a secure zone. I am concerned that the dog will scratch the house trying to get inside. Thanks!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Tim,

    The signal can penetrate the PVC and the ground. The penetration depends on how high you have turned up the boundary width. You could penetrate 1 foot of ground, but you would need the boundary width turned up to about 5 feet.

    You use the twisted wire (two wires twisted together to connect the main loop back the control box. When the two wires are twisted together their signals cancel each other out, so the collar does not get triggered.

    You can make another loop around the house itself if you want to stop the dog coming near the house. But note, this will stop the dog being able to enter and exit the house without you taking of the collar each time.

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