Dogtek Corrections

The folks at Dogtek made two made comments on the new Dogtek EF-4000 review.Both are valid and we are updating our review to reflect this information.

As you will recall the Dogtek systems are a new product on the market based on a French product, made by a company called Num’Axes.

EF-4000_rubber_sealFirst, we mentioned that the collar on the EF-4000 did not look waterproof.  Dogtek informed us that the collar is in fact fully waterproof, something that we verified and is in fact correct.  Interestingly, Dogtek recommends that the rubber gasket that seals the collar be replaced every two years and offers replacement gaskets.   This makes a lot of sense, rubber tends to deteriorate over time and loses resiliance.  But, it is the first time we have seen a manufacturer offer the replacement seals.

The second error in our review is that we incorrectly states that the Dogtek has a two year fully warranty.  That is true of the original French system , but Dogtek will match the prevailing PetSafe standard and instead offer a limited lifetime warranty with their dog fence system.  The repairs will be done right here in the USA which presumably means a much faster turn-around time than if they were done in France where the systems are made.

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