Two Dog WiFi Update

The new version (v 1.5) of the WiFi Fence capable of handling two collars at the same time was meant to ship this week but has been delayed due to technical difficulties. Commendably Perimeter Technologies is holding up production rather than rushing with something that doesn’t work properly.

The current wifi fence for sale now only allow a single collar on each unit. You will not be able to use a second collar with these units.

Official word is that it will take a few days longer for production on the wifi dog fence v1.5 to begin, my best guess would be a couple of weeks before it is truly available in any real quantity. When the WiFi first came out, it was delayed a few weeks, I would expect this to be much the same.

So if you have two dogs, I would hold off a month or two before making a purchase. Remember, that in all things electronics, you probably don’t want to be the first ones to try the new version on your dog.

UPDATE:  These two dog units have begun to ship out. (much faster than I predicted!)

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