Dog Scared of the Dog Fence Boundaries

My dog won’t go anywhere near the dog fence flags.  He sticks to the area right in front of our house and to the front porch.  What do I do?

That is perfectly normal.  After training most dogs will not go anywhere near the dog fence boundary flags out of an abundance of caution.  After all they have just learnt that going near the flags is bad and they do not want to even be near the flags.

But you will see over the next couple of months they will start being more adventurous.  They will start roaming further and further from your house and closer and closer to the flags.  A couple of dos and don’t that will help them along the way.

DON’T force the dog to go near the containment flags, that will just make them associate more bad things with the flags.

DON’T remove the flags straight away, they will help your dog learn exactly where the boundary lies.  Leave them until your dog has a bit more confidence in the boundaries, at least a couple of months.

DO play with your dog in the safe areas.  This will get them to associate the safe area with fun.

DO sit in the safe areas as a family.  Your dog will see the family in the safe area and will want to join the rest of the pack and will take comfort from the fact that the whole pack is sitting there in safety.

DO feed your dog in the safe area or give them a treat/toy in the safe area of the dog fence.  Again this will help them associate the safe area with good things.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Thanks !! very helpful post!

  2. Stan Shane says:

    The reason the dog is scared of the fence and or yard is because the dog has been over shocked and not de-stressed in the yard. I am a Professional Pet Stop Dealer and have trained thousand of dogs and successfully have the dogs running freely around the yards. Many of the Pros do not take the time to train the dogs properly and have house huggers and porch sitters.
    Get an IACP Certified Trainer in e-fence training to train your dog.

  3. Brian says:

    In response to Jason about whether the person that runs this site has a clue they clearly explain their experience on the site intro. In the interest of total disclosure I have no connections to this site or company, just a dog owner looking for information and thankful for the information on this site. I wonder whether you want to also disclose if you by any chance are associated with DogWatch (if I was a betting man…)

  4. Pat says:

    The longer you leave the flags up the worse it is for your pet. why? Because they will become dependant on the flags and not the audible warning . Also, if you leave the flags up for a prolonged amount of time and then take them down one day, your dog is more likely to try and run through the fence. Start taking them down in about 2 weeks. Every other one the first day, wait a couple of days and repeat. Keep doing this until they are all down or there are so few you might as well take the rest down anyway.

  5. Jason Bouchea says:

    I am not sure if the person who runs this site has a clue. The fact is, a lot of DIY systems will cause porch sitters, which also caused urination and defication inside the house, which can destroy the temperment of a canine. Why try to save money on a DYI? Do it right and call DogWatch Hidden Fence to have it professionally done. Professional installation is important and even more important is to have a professional trainer train your dog to the system~~~~~ result is a dog that stays in the boundary, loves its yard, and has lifetime warranty.

  6. Steven says:

    Invisible Fence uses professional trainers to properly train dogs with their system. They can also train your dog with your current system as well. Sometimes its better to go to the experts.

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