Stopping a Dog From Jumping

A very common behavioral issue with dogs is jumping on people as a way to greet them.

great website. Leaning towards the Innotek 5100 for an 8 month 40 lb golden doodle for both training and containing. We’re in a fairly quiet neighborhood, but when people walk by she goes after them. She’s very friendly, but she’s a jumper and has ticked off several neighbors as well as the non-dog people we have over. Also have 2 and 4 year old boys and the jumping is getting old. Not having any success training her with the jumping or leaving the yard, but she is a smart dog and fast learner with everything else. Just need a little extra help. Does the remote work anywhere on the property (only 2/3 acre)? Thanks for your help.


Hi Marc,

The Innotek IUC-5100 remote training function works everywhere, not just inside the boundary location, that is marked within the boundary wire. You could for example use the remote trainer while you are out at the park.

Appreciate the compliment. I think we are really lucky that when we started we only did only one thing (electric dog fence) and try and do it really well. Now after saying all that I am going to venture into territory I know nothing about.

One trick we have found that works well with dogs to teach them to greet strangers by sitting (and begging) rather than jumping is called “Sit to Greet.” Basically you leash the dog and tie one end of the leash to a post. Then approach the dog, they will inevitably jump. When they jump, back away. Re-approach, and again if they jump back away, maybe even turn your back to the dog. Eventually, the dog will get bored and will sit. Reinforce this behavior, by praising the dog when they sit and giving them a treat.

Repeat the exercise lots first while tied on the leash, then with the leash dragging (so you can quickly correct the dog if they jump, then finally completely off leash. Try and use as many confederates as you can to help you. Kids find it fun and should be easy to recruit.

Basically, as things currently stand when the dog is jumping they are rewarded by excitement or attention. We just want to change that. Now we are going to ignore them when they do the bad behavior and reward them for doing another behavior (sitting). Sometimes you will see very quick results. Dogs can learn very fast when motivated. If it doesn’t start working within a week, then try the remote trainer.

Hope that is helpful

Stewart Aldous
(678) 389 6661

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