Dog Fence Near Salt Water Lake

dogs_staring_at_the_beach_by_thedrifterwithin-d59i6zvA customer asks about an installation in a saltwater environment

We recently moved to TX from MS and into a home with an unfenced yard that backs onto a lake (off of Galveston Bay). We have a Jack Russell, who isn’t in need of fencing, and a boxer (60 lbs) and her son, a boxer/great dane mix (90 lbs). The boxer is a wanderer. We actually rescued them from the middle of a busy street when the puppy was only a few months old. She’s (boxer) very gun shy and gets very excited at the idea of “sneaking off”. If we catch them in time, she listens. If the children leave the door open, we spend hours looking for them or just wait for the call from the local animal control. They’re both chipped. The son just tags along. The boxer has shorter hair but the boxer/great dane has long, thick hair. The problem is our previous home had a concrete wall around the house and a wrought iron gate before you reach the front door. They’ve been trained for a year and a half to be able to run straight out of the front door without us worrying about them running away, as the gate has always prevented that. Having no fence whatsoever is a major drawback to this home, no matter the view of the lake. They are very active and have been miserable for the last few weeks, having to play inside the majority of the time.

We would have to use an indoor unit to keep them clear of the front door and are only wanting to install the fence for the back yard. It will have to be buried, as there is no fence to attach it to. A few questions… They both listen really well (if caught in time) and I believe being trained properly will work easily for them. Even so, with their weights, do we need the heavy duty system for stubborn dogs? Also, how far from the lake do we need to install the fence? There is a drop off of about 2 feet, so they do not walk straight into the water. No bulkhead, though. We haven’t lived here long so I do not know at which point flooding becomes a problem. The yard is a total of 3/4 of an acre and is relatively flat. When do we need to worry about corrosion from the salt air? Thanks! 🙂

ADMIN – Hi Ivy,

You can run the wire as close to the lake as you want. The wire does fine even if it occasionally gets flooded. It has a layer of insulation, so salt water will not cause problems.

A good system that would meet your needs would bet the PetSafe Stubborn. It is one of the stronger systems which can be useful with bigger dogs like yours. It is also compatible with the PetSafe Indoor pods which you can use to block the front door.

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