Dog Fence and Joggers

We suggest that when you install your dog fence, you offset it a little form the property line. Trying to give the dog the maximum freedom often motivates people to put the boundary line right at the edge of their property, as they are entitled to by law. After all if you were putting in an actual fence you would put it all the way up to the edge of your property.

If you want to avoid unfortunate situations with joggers or pedestrians, you may want to offset. Here is a nice example of why you want to push back the dog fence a little. Reporting from dog court in Wilmington the story is a “he said” / “she said” dispute where the complainant says the home owner’s dog broke through the dog fence and led to her breaking an ankle.

Rebecca Zumpe said Kujo broke through an electric dog fence and attacked her two months ago while she was jogging down a street with her own dog, which she had on a retractable leash.

The owner and a witness say that her own dog got spooked and tripped her.

Bob Greene provided a witness who said Kujo did not attack, nor did the dog break through the electric fence. Marion Gaukey said the jogger tripped over her own dog while running. She said, “Her dog saw Kujo and he pulled her and she fell down.”

Putting aside my flexi-leash prejudice, here’s what I think happened: Kujo ran toward the fence line to play with the jogger’s dog. The jogger’s dog freaked out and bolted tripping up their owner in the.

Even when someone has a ten foot high chain link fence with barbed wire and guard towers, when their dog comes charging your way it is a little scary. When a dog on an electric dog fence comes your way, it provokes the same anxiety time ten. Even if you intellectually know they are going to stop it can be a scary moment.

So when you plan your dog fence layout, you really want to keep a bit of a buffer between your dog and the sidewalk.

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