Dog Fence DIY Presents “My Dog Diaries”


For over five years we have been a leader in providing dog education to over 500 dog publications on the web and in print. Under the leadership of Dr. Susan Wright we take pride in providing well researched information focused on dog care, dog health, human-dog relationships and dog training.

The bond we have with our dogs is unique and each dog has a story. This year we are inviting several bloggers to open their doors and their hearts and share their dog stories with us.

Each month we will post a blogging topic or a task that you and your dog can do together. The first 50 bloggers to submit their post will automatically receive a $10 Amazon Dog Bucks Rewards.

Additionally, all bloggers participating will receive a monthly newsletter from Dr. Wright with tips and ideas to help you become a better blogger and maximize the way you share your dog adventures.

Blogger of the Month

Each month we will select the best post and reward him with a prize package full of human and doggy goodies as well as sweet gift cards Valued at $100

Want to join us? 

Please contact us using the form below on the message include a little about your blog the URL to your blog and a little about your dog.


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