Dog Fence DIY 2014 Do-It-Yourself Hackathon

With fall around the corner, crafters, amateur handyman, carpenters and all manner of creatives are itching to complete outdoor or indoor projects to make the life of their dogs just a little better or just a little cuter or offer a money savings alternative to more expensive dog accessories or dog safety solutions. If you are into DIY and have a blog, we want to invite you to participate in our 2014 DIY Hackathon. Our goal is to share your projects with other avid do-it-yourselfers to give them ideas and tutorials on dog-related projects that can save you money or allow you to create something unique.


Dog Fence DIY Hackathon participants must submit their link featuring their project no later than October 1st. We will feature a link to your project and a short description.

The best projects will receive a certificate of recognition and a one page feature on our blog. The dog fence DIY 2014 Hackathon is a by-invitation-only activity. If you are interested in participating and your blog normally features tutorials, DIY projects or crafts please email us to and include a link to your blog or website. We will evaluate your content and send you an invitation if you qualify.

Ideas for projects you can blog about:

  • DIY Dog House
  • DIY Dog Door
  • Awesome DIY Dog Clothes
  • DIY Dog Beds
  • DIY Agility Training Obstacles for Dogs
  • DIY protection for your garden to protect it from dog’s digging instinct
  • DIY dog biscuits, dog cakes etc
  • DIY Solution to let your dog ride your bike, trike or other forms of transportation


Check out these crafts!

Dog Elsa Dress

Dog Badge

Darling dog houses 

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