Dog Escapes: Climbs Over, Digs Under of Busts Through a Physical Fence

Some dogs have a Houdini-esq ability to escape a regular fence, climbing over, digging under or simply  busting through.  Many people use electric dog fences to reinforce or backstop their physical fence.

This is extremely effective.  With a underground dog fence installed, the dog has no opportunity to lurk around the physical fence boundaries digging, climbing or trying to break down the fence.  The physical fence stops the dogs trying to run through the electric fence.  So the two fences effectively complement each other.

This installation is super simple.  Instead of burying the boundary wire, simply staple it (using outdoor staples from the hardware store) to the dog fence and away you go.  You want the boundary wire to go low down on the fence, near the ground.  If you use a bit of artistry like going under a fence railing you can hide the wire from the line of sight, effectively making it invisible to the eye.

Training is done the normal way, but you will notice that the dog learns a lot faster.  With a physical fence to mark the boundary instead of flags, your dog makes the association much more rapidly.

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