Dog Crate Furniture: An Alternative to Wire Crates

Dog Crate FurnitureAlthough many dog owners are well aware of wire and plastic dog crates, most have not heard of the more elegant wooden dog crates. But there are alternatives. Dog crate furniture is a great option for dog owners that want the functionality of a dog crate but hate the thought of having an unsightly wire or plastic crate around the house. Dog crate furniture is often referred to as wood or wooden dog crates and dog crate end tables. These dog crates typically serve as an end table and come in different designs and finishes. The most common finishes include cherry, mahogany, and black.

By utilizing a dog crate end table, owners can ensure their dog’s den is part of the family room. As dog’s are pack animals, this is very important for the quality of life for the dog. Dog crate furniture is quite useful when your dog needs to be contained indoors. This is often then case when owners have visitors over or if they just need to run out for a dinner. Of course, regardless of the type of crate you purchase, crate training is very important. Properly crate training your dog will ensure the dog is comfortable in the crate and relaxed when left inside. Wooden dog crates are suggested for dogs that have been properly trained and will not chew or claw the inside of the crate.

Wooden dog crates are more expensive than the common wire or plastic crates, but we believe the benefit outweighs the cost. Depending on the specific crate, a quality wooden dog crate costs $300 – $500. Most crates also come in multiple sizes to accommodate smaller or larger dogs. One drawback to wood dog crates is that they are not as portable as the lighter wire and plastic crates. Most dog crate end tables weigh 50 lbs or more.

Designer dog crates provide additional options. Some designer dog crates are made of stainless steel or even polished fiberglass to give a modern look. It is important to know the design and look of your home when considering designer dog crates as the modern look may not always coordinate with your décor.

In addition to dog crates, wooden dog gates can be a nice addition to any home with a pet. These gates stand alone and do not require hardware or mounting and therefore can be put in place or removed very quickly. Wooden dog gates are a great way to close in a space to contain your pet while coordinating with the look of your décor. Often, dog owners use these gates to section off a laundry room or bathroom when needed to contain their pet. If you have a large entry space, many gates can span more than 70 inches to create a barrier. In addition, some of the wider dog gates come with a swing door built-in. The doors is quite convenient as the owner is not required to step over the gate or move the gate each time they enter the area.


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