Does my Electric Dog Fence Wire Need to be Buried or Can it Be Exposed?


Now that you have decided on installing your own electric dog fence, it is time to think about affordable and practical approaches to purchasing your wired dog fence and electric collars and installing your hardware in a way that makes sense.

The first step is to select a wired dog fence offering sufficient coverage for the total perimeter you are trying to address. In some instances this will mean purchasing additional wire. The second consideration consists in surveying the land and current setup and deciding whether  it makes the most sense to bury the cable or to keep it exposed.

Burying The Cable Protects Your Equipment. 

We receive numerous calls of customers whose wires have been damaged by mowers, vehicles or wild animals. An underground installation is not only aesthetically pleasant it also reduces the risk of wire damage. But that does not mean a underground dog fence installation is the best option for everyone. Sometimes it is a good idea to leave the wire exposed.

Keeping Your Dog Fence Wire Exposed

The main reason dog owners looking for electric dog fences opt to keep their wire exposed is to save time and reduce the costs associated with digging a trench. One of the scenarios in which it makes sense to keep the wire exposed is when you are purchasing your electric dog fence as a secondary means of keeping your dog contained when you already have a chainlink fence or a wood fence. With this scenario you can staple or zip tie the wire to the existing fence making your fence installation a breeze. Having the wire exposed does increase the risk for accidental damage but when the damage does happen it is very easy to locate, diagnose and correct.

Keep in mind that installing your own electric dog fence can save you thousands of dollars when compared to a professional installation such as Invisible Dog Fence. If you need guidance selecting the best fence for your dog don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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  1. James Murphy says:

    I am getting ready to replace my Petsafe Boundry Wire because I cannot find the break. I have approx. 1000′ out there. Do you know of any wire that is rodent proof?

    ADMIN – Hi James. We do not know of any wire that is rodent proof. If you find one, please let us know!

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