Do I Really Need to Bury The Wire For My Electric Dog Fence?

Thinking about using an invisible electric dog fence? Consider your strategy when it comes to wire installation.

If you are at the end of your rope and your dog has escaped more times than you can count with hands and toes you have landed in the right place. One of the big considerations when it comes to electric dog fences relates to the burden and complexity associated to the installation.  Don’t fret. Installing an electric dog fence is super easy.

Electric Dog Fences Don’t Need to Be Buried

Just because the box calls is an underground dog fence it does not mean the wire needs to be underground. Many dog owners install their electric dog fence using alternate perimeter installation methods. Some of your electric dog fence installation options are as follows:

  • Attach it to an existing fence.
  • Install it using PVC pipe or heavy duty hoses or tubes above ground.
  • Install it bare using ground staples

When Do I Need to Bury My Fence?

We bury the fence wire for two reasons: 1. for protection of the wire and 2. For aesthetics. You will need to bury your wire when the wire is placed in a high traffic heavily mowed area. You will need to bury your dog fence wire where it presents a tripping hazard. You will need to bury the wire when it can be damaged by animals or it will be exposed to extreme temperatures that can cause brittleness and breakage.

Aesthetic needs to bury the wire are self explanatory. You will bury the wire where it will depreciate the aesthetic value of your property or where the HOA has requirements related to the appearance of your yard.

When it comes to burying the wire using a trencher is the most time-effective solution. Here is what you need to know about using a trencher:

Don’t purchase a trencher. Trenchers are very expensive and you are very unlikely to use it again. Rent one at your local hardware store or your power equipment rental store.

Try to avoid using a trencher when the temps are below freezing or the soil is too moist.


What Kind of Time Will I Need To Allocate To Wire Installation Using a Trencher

Areas under 1/4 of an acre: 1.5 to 2.75 hours

Areas 1/2 of an acre:  2-2.5 hours

Areas ¾  acre:  2-3 hours

Areas 1 acre: 4.5 hours

Areas with 2 acres: 8 hours

How To Install The Wire Using A Wire Trenching Machine:

1.  Position your machine at the starting point which is usually the last bit of your twisted wire which provides the neutral signal from the box.

  • Important: Before you dig call local utilities to mark potential lines and piles

2. Ensure you are familiar with the functions of the trencher. Wear eye protection and hand protection gear.

3. Place the wire spool on the trencher

4. Feed the first part of your spool through the wire channel and thread it through the hole by the trenching blade in the inferior part of your trenching machine.

5. Mark the starting position and tie the end of the wire to a stake in the ground positioned where the twisted wire ends and the regular wire begins

6. Turn on the machine and slowly moved in your pre-marked area. It is essential that you use a level and proper alignment string to ensure your wire is buried in a way that is straight and easy to find for future excavation projects

7. Stone surfaces, driveways and other solid surfaces may not be trenched. Use an alternate method to make the wire travel across


Remember that the wire does not need to buried more than 4-6 inches. The idea behind burying is protection and placing the wire too deep may impact signal.
























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