Do Electric Dog Fences Interfere with Home Security Systems Such as ADT?

We are frequently approached with the question of combining an electric wireless or wired dog fence with an integrated home security system. The concern arises from the idea that many home security systems use a wireless signal to convey changes in the environment such as windows and doors opening to the central unit of the system or the dispatch when applicable.

If this is a concern of yours as you try to plan the self installation of your dog containment system you can rest assured that there is no interference between one system and the other. Home security alarm systems operate in your WLAN in the 2.4, 3.6, 5, and 60 GHz frequency bands. On the other hand electric dog fences operate in the 7K or 10k frequency.

Furthermore, the signals associated to your home security system are happening within your home, where your perimeter is often in the yard.

What Things Can Interfere With The Electric Dog Fence Signal?

Now that we know that it is ok to use your new wired electric dog fence in combination with your in-home security system let’s talk about the things that can cause signal interference. In planning your wired or wireless dog fence installation based on radio signals (Not GPS) consider the following as potential obstructions for the signals:

  • Large metal appliances such as fridges or freezers
  • Thick concrete walls
  • Bushes and trees
  • Downward slopes
  • Temporary obstructions such as parked cars

A final note: If your neighbor also has a wired electric dog fence make sure you are working with a different frequency for your signal.

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