Dead Batteries on an Invisible Fence

You hear all kinds of reasons why invisible fence’s don’t work. Some border on the ridiculous (some dogs don’t care about the correction) and some are perfectly plausible (without training the fence is ineffective). Somewhere in the middle is the dead batteries story.

Consider the following from a local county dog board hearing, explaining why they don’t accept an Invisible Fence as a form of containment:

Public Health Director Diane Thorson said invisible fences aren’t acceptable because of past incidences when the battery went dead, allowing a dog to run through the line and off the property.

On one hand this is just stupid. Of course it doesn’t work if the battery goes flat, but just because some owners let this happen it is no reason to stop responsible owners using an Invisible Fence. If some owners of physical fences left their gate open, would they be deemed unacceptable too.

Public Health Director Diane Thorson said fences aren’t acceptable because of past incidences when gates were left open, allowing a dog to run through the fence and off the property.

On the other hand this is not an uncommon occurrence. Particularly, in systems with a proprietary battery, owners often let the battery go flat because the dogs are trained and don’t seem to ever challenge the fence, and because the proprietary battery is inconvenient and expensive to replace.

This is the main reason why we are so heavily in favor of rechargeable batteries like on the Innotek IUC-5100; IUC-4100; SD-2100 and Wifi Fence). If all it takes is to plop the collar on the charger, then people are likely to keep that collar running. If it is a lot of work hunting down a battery, expensive, and seemingly pointless then it just isn’t going to happen.

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  1. Pat says:

    Rechargeable batteries are ok for tools. You use them until the battery goes dead and then you charge them back up. If you charge them up before they go dead they start to lose their battery life and will go bad quickly.

    The same holds true for electric dog fences. You need to let the batteries go dead before charging them back up or you will have a dead battery that can no longer be charged. With this reason, rechargeable batteries for pet containment systems are VERY dangerous for dogs.

    The BEST brand of underground dog fence is DogWatch Hidden Fences. They have been rated as a “Best Buy” by Consumer’s Digest for the last 10 years. Not only does it have more safety features than other brands it has a battery that lasts 2 years. It even has an indicator light to let you know if the battery is getting low so you can replace it right away. Even more important, the batteries are NOT proprietary so they are easy and inexpensive to buy.

    The answer is not rechargeable batteries that can go bad quickly. It is a longer battery life.

    Liam Padraig

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