Dangers of Placing Your Dog for Sale on an Online Ad Site

You may have come to a point in your life where for one reason or another you have to re-home the dog that you have grown to love and have accepted into your family. It’s one of the hardest decisions that you’ve ever had to make in your life and the most important thing for you is to find him a good home. Money is not an issue since the love for your dog goes a lot deeper. You put up an ad saying that you will give your dog away free providing he gets a great home. What happens next might surprise you though.

Once the ad is placed for a free dog, even though you have done it with the best of intentions, you may start to get a lot of hate mail coming in from people. They will be asking you why you are offering your dog for free and what a terrible person you must be for doing so. You question why this could be happening since offering your dog for free seemed like a good idea at the time.

Puppy Mill Prey

The truth is that there are people that are scouring these types of ad sites looking for free animals that they can use in their puppy breeding operations. In a puppy mill, adult dogs don’t
tend to live a long and prosperous life. They need to be replaced to keep the profits rolling in and what better way to keep the business going than by picking up free dogs that have been offered on the Internet?

A classified ad for a dog that has been neutered or already spayed will be overlooked by puppy mill breeders, but there are also a lot of other unethical people that are looking for free dogs out there. There are underground operations happening with activities such as dogfighting that you would never want your dog to be exposed to.

Why You Should Charge a Re-Homing Fee

If you absolutely must advertise your dog on a classified ad site, you need to ask for money for him to keep your pet protected. Even though it may be difficult to put a cash value on something so priceless, it needs to be done. This will help to attract people that are actually interested in a dog for the right reasons.

Surrendering to a Dog Rescue

Before putting up an ad online, consider dog rescue societies in your area. Get in touch with them and let them know the situation you are facing. A rescue may be able to take in your dog and then thoroughly qualify the homes that contact them. You can also try placing advertisements around your neighborhood. This way you can make an in-home visit before releasing your dog and if you’re planning on staying in the neighborhood you’ll be able to visit your best friend at times as well!

Take care when you need to re-home an adult dog. There are a lot of dangers in placing an online ad and this option should only be used as a last resort.


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