Daddy, Cesar Milan’s Lead Dog Passes Away

Daddy, the Pitbull often featured on the Dog Whisperer has sadly passed away. Fans of the show like us will remember Daddy as Cesar Milan’s model dog – the archetypical calm submissive dog. Daddy projected an amazing energy of being calm yet confident, and very self assured.

Daddy was often used by Cesar to model postive behavior to guest dogs on the program. What is truly remarkable is that Daddy was a pitbull, a breed that often displays a strong agressive temperament. Cesar often uses the example of Daddy to make the powerful point that if a dog is properly trained, with the owner firmly installed as the leader — many negative traits we associate with certain breeds disappear.

Fans of the show may also know that Daddy once belonged to Redman of the Wi-Tang clan, who asked Cesar to take care of him once he realized that his touring schedule was incompatible with responsibly caring for a dog like Daddy.

The announcement is on Cesar’s website here. Sad news of this sort reminds us how lucky we are to share in the lives of our dogs.

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  1. Cheryl Els says:

    Im so sorry to hear this!! We to have pitbulls! And Daddy was such an insperation. To show all the people of South Africa that pitbulls are just misunderstood!!

  2. Ruth says:

    Please except my deepest condolences on the passing of the worlds best and most favorite dog,of the National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer.I’m so sorry.Hope that you know that of all your dogs,he was my favorite.

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