Using a Culvert or Drainage Pipe to Go Under a Driveway

Sometimes there is a conveniently located pipe, conduit or drainage culvert under your driveway allowing you to run the wire under your driveway more easily than if you need to cut across.

I plan on doing my entire yard and wanted to know if the wire would transmit through a driveway culvert? Otherwise how do you get around the driveways? I was going to use the culvert to get under the driveway to get to the other side but I want to make sure it will work from inside the culvert. Thanks.

Nathan F.

Hi Nathan,

You can go through a culvert as long as there is not too much concrete between the wire and the surface of the driveway.

So how much depth is too much? It all depends on how high you have the boundary width turned up. A foot of concrete is like going through about three foot of air. So if you have the boundary width set at five feet, you probably won’t want to bury the wire in a culvert or drainage pipe any lower than a foot under ground otherwise the signal will be too attenuated by the time it reaches the surface to be effective.

Otherwise, the easiest way to get across a driveway is by locating a convenient expansion joint in the driveway, placing the wire in the joint and caulking over. If there is not one convenient, use a circular saw and a masonry blade to cut a line across the driveway (about an inch deep); poke the wire into the slot and seal over with a concrete sealer or caulk.

Stewart Aldous
Customer Specialist
(678) 389 6661

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