How Much Will it Cost

We frequently get questions about how much it all costs. 

To get a professional system we suggest a budget of around $350.  That will get you a great rechargable indoor/outdoor system (Innotek SD-4100 $279), allow you to rent a trencher to make the job easy (half day rental $39) and pay for all the little extras (wire splices, sealant, etc) 

A wireless system would be cheaper at around $279 because you save on installation (Petsafe IF-300 $279) but you will lose some flexibility. 

If you are willing to compromise a bit on the system and manually lay the wire, you could probably spend around $200.  (e.g. Innotek SD-2000)  But the cost of buying new collar batteries plus the cost of your time manually laying the wire wipe out the savings for us.

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