Correction Level

A reader asks what correction level, their pet fence system should be set to.

The basic principle is that you want to use the lowest shock level that is enough to get your dog’s attention even when they are excited or distracted (for xample if they see another dog or a squirrel in the street).  Use too high a setting and you will unnecessarily be giving yourdog too high a correction.  Use too low a setting there is a risk that your dog will ignore it and get into the habbit of running through the fence.

For the Innotek systems, I would generally start use the low setting for small dogs (under twenty pounds) and the medium setting for medium and large dogs (over twenty pound).  If the dog does not seem to notice, check that the collar is properly adjusted to ensure the dog is in fact getting the correction.  If it is properly adjusted and the dog just seems not to care, turn up the shock level one notch.

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