One of the big secrets for training your dog on their dog fence system is confidence.  If you are confident in yourself, your dog will have confidence in you and will be more likely to follow your commands.  The corrections will not be a big deal because your dog will sense that you are in charge and that they are safe following your order.

Ok .. easy for me to say.  But how do you have confidence if you aren’t confident and don’t know what it is you are doing.  Well, lucky for you your dog does not know that you have never worked with a dog fence before.  For all they know you are the world’s foremost expert in the WiFi Fence.

Confidence to a dog is slow, smooth, powerful and purposeful motions.    It is an upright posture with chest puffed out.  It is commands firmly spoken with a deep voice.  Make sure at any time you know what you are doing.  This means studying the dog fence instructions beforehand, and visualising how you are going to do every step.  Having everything you need right there and ready to go.  And most of all, when you encounter a set back, don’t let it rattle you.  Just keep on going.

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