Chewing on an Electric Dog Fence Collar

So your dogs like to chew each other’s underground dog fence collar and you are concerned that they might hurt themselves or damage the unit.  Here are some tips to break them of the habit. 

Some dogs when they play with each other like to grab a hold of their playmate’s collar.  In exceptional circumstance, with repeated very rough play a shock collar could get damaged.  If you suspect this will be a problem, you can break your dogs of the habit pretty quickly and easily.

You want to get some unpleasant tasting spray for dog training (available at any petfood store and most larger supermarkets and WalMarts in the pet section).  We like the bitter apple because it is all natural, so won’t hurt your dog, just give them a bad taste if they bite the collar (spray some on your tongue and give it a try).  Spray the bitter apple on the underground dog fence collars.  Once dry, put the collar back on the dog.

Now when they are rough-housing, the dogs will get a very unpleasant taste when they put a collar in their mouth.  If you reapply the spray every couple of days, pretty soon the dogs will begin to associate the bitter apple with the electric dog fence collar and will stop trying to chew on the collar even if you stop applying the bitter apple.

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  1. Rhonda says:

    I’m on the third replacement collar due to the fact my pup chews my other dogs receiver collar. I have tried bitter spray and it does no good. I’m very frustrated. Any help would be appreciated. I’m going broke.

    ADMIN – Hi Rhonda. The only options we know about would be trying several different bitter sprays to see if one works. You may want to consult your veterinarian or a pet trainer for ideas on how to stop the chewing.

  2. Stan Shane says:

    The spray works but one thing I would mention is to spray the spray into the dogs mouth and then onto the receiver. Once you make the association between taste and the receiver the dog should leave it alone.
    Another tip is put some oragel on the receiver.

    Stan Shane is the owner of Pet Containment Systems of NY, which offers pet fence and dog fence solutions for homeowners.

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