Can I Use an Electronic Cat Fence on a Dog?

Can you use an pet containment system designed for a cat on a small dog?  We don’t really have a good answer, but are hoping some of you might have some ideas.

Hi Stu,

I have what might seem like a strange question. First a little background.

We just went through a tormenting 2 days with a lost and treasured Yorkie ( our two other monster dogs have not caused us a single moments stress ). The angels shined on us and we found her. We cannot go through this again.

Cost is a concern, but we are willing to take the bullet. However, unlike many stories ( with owners with great open expanses ), our dogs have a 1/2 acre safe fenced in back yard to play. The only area of concern is the front of the house where none of our dogs are allowed access unleashed. This most recent escape was a result of a guest not
securing our front gate and our not double checking.

In other words our need is purely as a back up on, hopefully, seldom escapes such as these. We are vigilant but…

This has no relevance to my question, but I prefer providing some background to illuminate our needs.

It seems that the options are very limited for small dogs.  Is there any reason why I couldn’t opt for the larger choice of cat fences on the market ?

While the cost are comparable, it seems that the options expand, such as not having to deal with proprietary batteries while keeping the most critical factor intact which is collar size.

My dog is not larger than a big cat and while it is likely that shock strength is weaker on the cat collar, I can’t imagine that the impact would be very different if my breed of dog is comparable, in size, to a large cat.

I appreciate your kind advice and thank you in advance.


Hi Patrick,

I am afraid I don’t know too much about the cat fences on the market. I always thought there was only one – the PetSafe?  I can’t see any reason why you couldn’t use a cat specific model … but again I don’t know much about how these work.  The main concern I would have is that I speculate without knowing that they correction level is very low,
but that does not seem to be an issue here.

Unfortunately with dog specific models, there is only one good option for small dogs (under 12lbs), the PetSafe Little Dog.  Other fences are just too big and the correction too strong.  It is a great system, but it’s achilles heel is the battery which costs about $10 and lasts about 2 months.  You can squeeze out a third month if you switch it off every night, but that is still not great.

Stewart Aldous
Customer Specialist
(678) 389 6661

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