Can You Install Your Own Electric Dog Fence?

If your quote from Invisible Fence is way too high and you are looking for an affordable option installing your own wired electric dog fence may be the way to go. In contrast to a traditional wood or PVC fence a wired dog fence is a far more economical option that can be installed in a day or less.


Electric dog fences work by emitting a signal that goes directly to a special collar on your dog and triggers a correction. Many electric dog fences also have a sound or warning when the dog is approaching the established boundaries. Electric corrections at their mildest feel very much like a static shock. Training your dog to grasp the concept of invisible dog fencing usually takes one week.

Common Questions About Electric Dog Fences

Do I need a Fence or Landscaping Contractor to Install My Electric Dog Fence?

No, installing a fence is easy. You don’t need a contractor and should be able to tackle the task in a day or two. Be prepared to invest some sweat equity.

Do I Need an Electrician to Install my Transmitter and Wired Dog Fence?

No, you don’t need an electrician. you will need to have basic tools, but most tasks are simple and we offer clear explanations in our dog fence installation guide.

Do I Need a Permit From The City or County?

Generally no, but you should check with your city or county for limitations and specific requirements such as posting a sign indicating that you are using a dog fence or avoiding the use of electric dog fences in front yards as the only means to contain a dog.

Do Electric Dog Fence Kits Contain Enough Wire For Large Properties?

No, most kits include enough wire for perimeters as large as 1/3 of an acre. Our electric dog fence expert can help you decide which electric dog fence system you need and how much wire you will be needing to enclose your property

Are Electric Dog Fences Cruel?

No, electric dog fences have been used for decades. When properly used the dog will learn quickly and will very seldom be exposed to correction. Keeping your dog contained and safe is far more relevant when it comes to animal cruelty. A lost dog suffers greatly

Are Electric Dog Fences Suitable for All Types of Dogs?

No, if you have a dog trained for guarding or a highly aggressive breed you may want to explore alternative containment options or use your wired electric dog fence as a secondary means of dog containment.

Where Can I Buy Electric Dog Fences Cheaper Than Invisible Fence? 

You can visit the dog fence store for the best wired and wireless dog fence selections or call us so we can help you select the fence that is most suitable for your needs.




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