Can My Livestock Guard Dog Wear An Electric Dog Fence Collar 24/7

We are so glad you asked.  LGDs can be highly problematic when it comes to proper containment. There are significant challenges due to the large area that they cover as well as their tendency to roam or chase when defending the flock or herd under their care.  Owners of well-trained LGDs walk a fine line in making decisions that protect their dogs from wondering away while keeping them safe from injury and safe from predators.

One of the most common questions we hear from farmers and ranchers is if their dog can wear an e-collar all day and night long. Generally speaking the answer is no. An e-collar is a training tool to teach a dog to remain within certain boundaries. Usage should be limited to 12 hours and it should be focused on teaching the dog to stay within a certain perimeter and not necessarily used to constantly provide sensorial feedback for crossing established boundaries.

In addition to periods of rest dog owners need to make sure that the collar they are using in combination with their electric dog fence is properly fitted and has contacts that work for the type and length of coat of their dog.  It is important that we all make an effort to frequently reposition the contacts to avoid the risk of injury.

In addition to proper fit, in some instances it is beneficial to either trim their coat at the neck area or move the collar back and forth to ensure all the contacts are against the skin. Finally, make certain that the collar is always properly charged. A collar with poor charge cannot receive signals and will delay the training and feedback protocol for your dog.

On a final note, we cannot stress enough the importance of physical fences when keeping livestock. While the electric dog containment system may keep your dog within their area it cannot keep predators away from your cattle or flock. A dog charged with large areas of grazing cannot properly do their job. Do your best to provide all the necessary tools to set your dogs up for guarding success.

One of our favorite collars for farm dogs is the Contain and Train by SportDog. This is a full system that can cover up to 100 acres and provides full training functionality through the use of a remote control unit. With it, you can practice recall, manage aggressive behaviors and reinforce commands. The collar is one of the best innovations in dog training and it can save you a great deal of time while reducing the stress of having to switch from collar to collar. If you want to learn more about this product watch our expert product review:


SportDog SDF-CT Video Review

Video: SportDog SDF-CT Review

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