Keeping Your Dog Occupied

Once you have your Innotek Dog Fence up and running, and the dog has been taught how to use it, you may find yourself leaving your do outside for longer periods of time.   That is great for your dog, to be out and get some fresh air and some sunlight, but remember to leave him something to do.

A dog fence is enough to contain, but you also need to entertain.  As the old saying goes, idle paws make for the devils work, and you can get unwanted digging, barking, and chewing if your dog is getting bored.  So leave him some toys to play with that will keep his mind engaged.  We are really big fans of puzzle type games where the dog is trying to get a bit of food out of some kind of brain teasing contraption.  The kong is a good example of such a toy, as is a natural dog bone! 

You can also make toys out of everyday items.  The key is to keep the treat just out of reach so the dog can smell and even lick it, but cannot actually grab it.  Try smearing a bit of peanut butter on the bottom of an old plastic container and see your dog get hours of entertainment.  So not only will they be safe inside their dog containment fence they will also be kept busy and out of trouble

But remember, none of this is a substitute for a walk and human attention!

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