September 14, 2008

Top Cause of Failure

As an installer, I have had many customers who tried to install a system themselves and quit in frustration.  But, suprisingly it is not usually the actual installation that trips most people up, it is the training. By far the most common cause of failure for both professionals and DIYers is training.  […]
September 10, 2008

Welcome – First Post – A Mission Plan

Welcome to the Dog Fence DIY Guide.  I am starting this guide to show people how they can install their own Dog Fence.  I think dog containment fences are wonderful, they give your dog the freedom to play outside and also give you a bit of space.  As an installer of these system, […]
December 12, 2018

Keeping Farm Dogs Contained – 10 Things Farmers & Ranchers Are Doing Wrong

Whether you are a seasoned rancher or a total newbie you are likely to rely on dogs for shepherding and livestock guarding duties. Keeping a dog contained or within a fence on large properties while still allowing freedom of movement to facilitate their work is probably a primary concern.  Aside from the […]
January 15, 2019

Picking The Best Electric Dog Fence For A Large Ranch

Main Problems You Will Find When Containing Dogs In Large Properties Farming and ranching frequently depend of working dogs to shepherd cattle, protect livestock and provide security to assets. In addition, farmers often keep hunting hounds whose work function is radically different from an LGD. If this is you chances are you […]