May 25, 2009

Retraining a Dog on the Electronic Fence Boundaries

We recently had a customer who had trained their dog on an electric dog fence system but had for various reasons stopped using it so their dog had unlearned the boundaries and now roamed freely. To reintroduce the dog to the system, you basically want to start from scratch with the training. […]
May 2, 2009

WiFi Fence Update FAQ

Perimeter Technologies has an update on the WiFi Fence.  We will post a WiFi Fence Review as soon as we can get a working unit in our hands.  Their FAQ is included below:   Does the Wire-Free™ WiFi Fence require a computer or internet service?  Wire-Free is a self contained fencing system […]
April 19, 2009


One of the big secrets for training your dog on their dog fence system is confidence.  If you are confident in yourself, your dog will have confidence in you and will be more likely to follow your commands.  The corrections will not be a big deal because your dog will sense that you are in […]
April 8, 2009

Wearing the correction collar?

Reader Question:  Once my dog learns the system, can I let them stop wearing the collar? We wouldn’t.  Once the dog has learnt to work with the dog fence, they will usually stay in out of habbit, not testing the boundaries.  So it is often tempting to not put on the dog’s […]
April 2, 2009

Regaining Respect for a Dog Fence

Reader Question: Once a dog realizes the pros/cons of escape, and decides the pros win, is it possible to ever get them to respect the barrier again? My dog is trained on the fence, but breaks through when tempted by the neighbours dogs. Every dog has their own trigger points. For some […]
March 26, 2009

What does your dog think about their dog fence?

The key to training a dog is getting out of your own head and thinking like a dog.  The problem most people face is thinking that a dog is like a furry human. So what would a dog think about a dog fence system without any training?  Let imagine you are a dog.  […]
March 23, 2009

Dog Fence eBook

We have been busy working away on a new ebook that shows you how to install a dog fence and train your dog to use it.  The ebook will include even more tips and more detail than you find on the website.  Also it will be fully illustrated showing you how to […]
March 19, 2009

Chewing on an Electric Dog Fence Collar

So your dogs like to chew each other’s underground dog fence collar and you are concerned that they might hurt themselves or damage the unit.  Here are some tips to break them of the habit.  Some dogs when they play with each other like to grab a hold of their playmate’s collar.  […]
February 3, 2017

Where Can I Find a Good Wireless Dog Fence?

                                          So you read about the Havahart Wireless Dog Fence and you are desperately looking for one. The practicality of having a wireless dog fence seems to make sense for you. To […]
March 27, 2017

2017 Dog Fence DIY Animal Photographer & Journalism Student Scholarship

For two years in a row we have offered scholarships to students in the fields of veterinary medicine and agriculture in an effort to contribute in the shaping of new industry professionals. After much feedback we are revisiting our program in order to provide funding to students whose academic efforts support other […]
April 25, 2017

Using Electric Dog Fences to Separate Alpacas & Other Camelids From Goats

Electric dog fences and electric collars are not necessarily exclusive to dogs. With a little creativity and good planning you can install an affordable electric dog fence to help you contain or cross-fence a variety of critters. Just like a real cross fence, an electric dog fence can help you restore depleted […]
May 22, 2017

What Happens When I Add Electric Radio – Based Perimeter for My Dog In The Same Area Where I Have Electrified Fence to Keep Livestock Contained?

Electric dog fences for the containment of farming, shepherding or flock dogs is essential in ensuring the safety of livestock. The fact is, we have dogs to protect our cattle and we don’t want our dogs to be exposed to the type of correction associated with a hot cattle wire which serves […]
May 23, 2017

Best Invisible Dog Fence – How to Pick The Right One For Your Dog Pack

When keeping your dog from escaping becomes your daily bread it is no surprise that your vet may suggest the use of correction-based boundaries. Finding the best invisible dog fence for your dogs can be a daunting proposition. There are many options, endless configurations and all manner of information that may feel […]
May 25, 2017

Underground Dog Fence. Is It The Right Solution For Your Dog?

If you are among the luck dog owners who constantly struggle with a dog whose heart is prone to wonder and somehow manages to Houdini his way of your eight foot high fence you need a backup solution that works. Many veterinary doctors recommend electric underground dog fence training as the best […]
June 14, 2017

Top Five Invisible Electric Dog Fences For Dogs in 2017

What are the best electric dog fences? If you have been thinking about getting a training collar and electric invisible dog fence for your dog we want to help you make the best possible decision. Every year we review all the dog fences available in the market and rate them based on […]
July 17, 2017

What Is The Best Electric Dog Fence for Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD)?

The temperament, disposition and behavior of a livestock guardian dog is significantly different from a shepherding dog. LGDs have a minimal response to pain and are genetically not predisposed to run away when confronting a situation that may trigger fear. True LGD breeds are very limited; the most common in the United […]