We have heard every dog advocacy group talk about the dangers of using electric dog fence collars yet we continue to hear success stories from friends and neighbors. This dilemma has us questioning wether we should resort to invisible fencing as a support tool to keep our dogs safe and contained. One of the […]

Good Swimming Dog Fence Collars

by Gajan Retnasaba on June 8, 2018

Which electric dog fence system has good collars for dogs that like to swim?  What dog fences have good waterproofing? For dogs that love to swim (we are talking about you Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever … or any other breed with Retriever in the name), having a […]

We can’t emphasize it enough. Invisible fences are only as good as the quality of your installation and your level of commitment towards training. On a daily basis we receive calls from dog owners who are frustrated with their containment systems mainly because they did not do their homework beforehand. If you are still looking […]

  When we first decided to have a large dog we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. What a surprise! The breeder had told us ours was a breed prone to be calm and would usually hang out under a tree. Our precious dog does love to hang out under trees but […]

When temperatures begin to rise wildlife becomes more active; we see more squirrels and bunnies get busy having babies. If you are a dog owner and your pup is nothing more than a sneaky escape artist this means additional work, extra stress and endless hours of chasing and searching for your pup. When it comes […]

My Great Pyrenees Keeps Escaping – What Do I Do?

by Gajan Retnasaba on April 27, 2018

If you have ever parented a Pyrenees or added one to your farm to protect your livestock you know roaming is their second name. I can no longer count the number of times I have had to chase mine or drive for miles while chasing her GPS collar signal.  I live in the country and […]

If a web search led you to our website chances are you are a farmer looking for ways to protect your livestock while containing your livestock guardian. For anyone who has had the pleasure of owning dogs with bred for the protection of livestock the challenge of containment never ends. Italian Maremmas are incredibly smart […]

At www.dogfencediy.com we host the largest collection of questions & answers related to electric dog fences. We are not shy to let customers know that this containment solution may not be ideal for their specific needs and we are ready to patiently guide those whose dogs would benefit from having a training-based fence. Let’s take […]

What Is The Most Reliable Electric Dog Fence?

by Gajan Retnasaba on January 23, 2018

If you have been to the pound five times in the last six months and you are known in town as the guy who is constantly posting lost dog fliers in every single bulletin board we are not surprises you are now reading this article. Electric dog fences provide frustrated dog owners with the reinforcement […]

We are so glad you asked.  LGDs can be highly problematic when it comes to proper containment. There are significant challenges due to the large area that they cover as well as their tendency to roam or chase when defending the flock or herd under their care.  Owners of well-trained LGDs walk a fine line […]