Biting the electric dog fence collar

When dogs are rough housing, they often get in the habit of grabbing each other by the collar as they tousle. This is usually not a big deal, but with an electronic dog fence, you want to break the dogs of this habit lest they damage the collar.

I have two young dogs that like to spend most of their time play-fighting. The rough-housing gets pretty rough and they have been known to drag each other across the yard by the collar.
We have recently purchased and installed the Dogtra EF-3000 and they seem to be learning the boundaries well. We are at the point in training where we think we can begin letting them play off-leash, but I am sure that they (at least one) will realize that the receiver makes a good “handle” during a fight. The receivers will not take the punishment, I’m sure, since my “big” dog is 80# plus.
Any suggestions for keeping them off (or protecting) the collars during this playtime? I have tried bitter apple spray on other things and it has no deterring effect.
Thanks for your help!

Hi Maria,
First, congratulations on your progress training the dogs on the Dogtra system.
To get the dogs to stop grabbing onto each other’s collars as they tousle, we want to make the whole experience a bit more unpleasant. I like to use a natural spray on deterrent like bitter apple. I spray bitter apple on the collars (you can get it at the grocery store or the Wal-Mart in the pet section, it costs about $3). That should make grabbing each other’s collar sufficiently yucky that they will quit cold turkey.
You will need to keep it up for a week or two so that they break the habit, but after that you will only need the occasional spray if they relapse.

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