Big Dogs = Petsafe Stubborn Dog?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is when to use the PetSafe stubborn dog on a big dog.  The answer is usually No.

Most people that think they need a more powerful electric dog fence, really need better training.  Eight times out of ten, training and not more power is the answer.  So let us dispel a couple of myths.

Myth 1 – Big dogs need The PetSafe Stubborn Dog containment system.  Big dogs do generally require a higher correction that small dogs but much less than you think.  The purpose of the correction is really just to warn the dog that there is danger beyond the boundary and to create a negative association with crossing the boundary.  The correction works more by startling the dog with a sensation they are not at all familiar with.  So while bigger dogs do need something stronger than smaller dogs, it does not have to be stronger by an order of magnitude.  Just enough to startle the dog.  For most large dogs the medium or high setting on the innotek ultrasmart (IUC-4100) are going to be enough to communicate danger to the dog.

Myth 2 – Stubborn dogs require the PetSafe Aggressive Dog containment system.  This is kinda true. Owners often default to the PetSafe Aggresive dog system because they think their dog is stubborn.  But what is important is not whether they are generally stubborn (i.e. pulling on a leash, not obeying orders, etc).  Rather what is important is whether they are stubborn when given the correction.  Every dog experiences the correction in a different way.  Dogs that are perceived by their owner as stubborn or dumb, when faced with the correction often become very quick learners and become very compliant.  Only a very few dogs will ignore a correction.  Unfortunately, there is no easy way to tell if your dog is one of the few that will require the higher power correction.  If you are unsure, I strongly urge you to default to the regular strength.  If you turn out to be one of the small minority that needs something stronger it is easy to switch out a unit and go with higher power PetSafe for Stubborn Dogs.

Again, remember that training is much more important than the strength of the machine.  So follow the training protocol we describe, and do the exercise regularly before you leap to increasing the strength of the correction.  After all even the strongest correction will not work on a dog that does not know what it is supposed to be doing.

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