Best Invisible Dog Fence – How to Pick The Right One For Your Dog Pack

When keeping your dog from escaping becomes your daily bread it is no surprise that your vet may suggest the use of correction-based boundaries. Finding the best invisible dog fence for your dogs can be a daunting proposition. There are many options, endless configurations and all manner of information that may feel overwhelming if you are planning on installing an electric dog fence without the help of contractors.

What Makes A Great Invisible Dog Fence

When selecting the ideal electric dog fence for your home you must think beyond the cost. While cost is a consideration most self-installed electric dog containment systems cost under $500 making it easy for you to splurge by selecting the best possible dog fence. $500 is not a whole lot when compared with the thousands of dollars normally spent installing wood fences or chainlink fences.

A great invisible fence is one that meets the containment needs of your pack. Specs for each individual vary, but generally speaking you want a fence that is easy to install, reliable, durable and flexible. Some fences are better at addressing the needs of home owners with small yards, while others are best suited for farms and ranches. If you live in a small property you want a dog fence that give you maximum use of your yard. In contrast, if you are a farmer you may want a fence that has a safety zone that your dog will never get to use prior to reaching the physical fence

The best invisible fences have collars that fit with batteries that last. After all when it comes to correction-based containment reliability is a must

An ideal invisible fencing solution for your pack should also give you the option to contain dogs and other animals of a variety of sizes. Each animal should have a customized level of correction to ensure the training experience is productive and does not lead to fear or trauma.

A great electric radio signal fence is one that allows you to fence the totality of your dog’s roaming area without having to resort to multiple fencing units. Pick an invisible fence that gives you sufficient coverage for your property. Some of our electric dog fences can be expanded to cover up to 100 acres and some are small enough to isolate your kitchen and keep your doggy safe indoors.

The best way to decide which electric dog fence is the right one for your home is to speak to one of our electric dog fence professionals or to read our dog fence reviews.

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