Best Electric Dog Fences and Invisible Dog Containment Systems for 2018

When temperatures begin to rise wildlife becomes more active; we see more squirrels and bunnies get busy having babies. If you are a dog owner and your pup is nothing more than a sneaky escape artist this means additional work, extra stress and endless hours of chasing and searching for your pup.

When it comes to containing dogs physical fences are the ideal solution but not all of us have the economic capacity or circumstances that facilitate proper fencing for a large or stubborn dog. Fencing one acre with a six foot fence can cost upwards of $30,000 dollars.  Steel and aluminum are more expensive and wood is constantly on the rise.  Electric perimeter fences are the most cost effective solution and the quickest and most practical to implement. Let’s take a look at the best electric dog fences for 2018 as evaluated by our dog fencing experts

SportDOG Contain & Train SDF-CT Electric Dog Fence

This is the most important innovation for 2018 and a game-changer when it comes to dog containment and invisible fence options. The SportDOG Contain & Train is a comprehensive solution for working dogs and pets in need of feedback-based training. The SportDOG is manufactured by the most trustworthy and experienced electric dog fence manufacturer ensuring you have a training solution that is safe for your dog and consistently reliable. The SportDOG Contain & Train is expandable up to 100 acres and it is a dual purpose system that seamlessly transitions from a perimeter fence to a training collar that can be used with a remote control that is included in the system. The training function can be used by up to three dogs. The containment option is unlimited.

Best Features For This Electric Dog Fence:

  • Best value for your dollar.
  • No need to purchase both a training and a containment system
  • Rechargeable collars with extra durable battery life
  • Option of long and short contacts for long-haired breeds
  • Expandable up to 100 acres
  • Sound warning to enhance the training experience.

PetSafe Yard Max PIG00-11115

The second place for our favorite electric dog fences for 2018 goes to the PetSafe Yardmax. This fence covers up to 10 acres and it features a super light collar. This dog features run through protection meaning the sensorial feedback will continue until the dog returns to their safe perimeter. In addition, this fence only projects in outward direction allowing you full use of your area. This feature is very nice is you don’t have a big yard.

Best Features For This Electric Dog Fence:

  • Independent, collar-based correction. This is nice when you have a trainable dog and a more stubborn learner.
  • Maximum yard use. Important for those with extra small yards.
  • Five correction levels

SportDOG SDF-100A Dog Fence

This electric dog fence is a classic. The SportDOG SDF 100 is used by thousands of people and throughout the years it just gets better and better. The SportDOG 100A is the best investment for farmers, ranchers and those with large properties. The system is reliable, durable and practical. If you are looking for a fencing solution that you can combine with chainlink or farm boundaries consider this electric dog fence.

Features we love about this electric dog fence:

  • 100 acre coverage.
  • Seven levels of static stimulation allowing you to customize training
  • Waterproofed receiver

If you are ready to save hundreds of dollars by installing your own electric dog fence go take a look at our handy training guide and have one of our experts guide you in the selection and self installation of your new electric dog fence.

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