Best Dog Fence Ideas

For most of our customers a wireless or wired dog fence is just a part of the whole outdoor landscape. Many have sections of their house fenced with traditional fences or combining the power of an electric dog fence with the beauty and privacy of a wood or PVC fence. Here are a few of my favorite fence solutions:

The Happy Fence




This is a cool and easy weekend project and one that will add a ton of color to your house. You can be bold and make this dog fence with bright colors or select something that works with your house trim. For true diggers we offer wireless solutions with a perimeter that activates when the dog approaches the no-no area. Great for kitchens and flowerbeds.


The “Big Dog” Peep Hole


An über cute project to empower your small dog and intimidate and amuse neighbors. A waterproof cutout of a larger same color dog combined with your dog’s super cute face make for a wonderful visual illusion. Alternatively consider the Clearview Dog Fence Solution.

The Sculptural Board Dog Fence


Visually pleasant and affordable this a a great dog fence idea for a large wooded property. Combined the with an electric wired perimeter fence you can get the best of both worlds, a beautiful fence and effective dog containment.

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