Beating Boredom and Barking

If you are going to leave your dog unsupervised while you are out of the house for long periods, you want to think about ways to keep them busy.


Dogs love nothing more than whiling away the day chomping on a big juicy bone.  Bake the bone for a few minutes in the oven to stop them trying to bury the bone.  The best place to get bones is the local butcher.  If the bones are too big for your dog, ask them to saw into pieces for you.

If you don’t have a local butcher, your local supermarket probably has some bones, just ask someone at the meat counter.  Soup bones and marrow bones are also good choices.

We also like compressed rawhide treats.  We find it last much longer than regular rawhide.


There are a range of dog toys and puzzles available at most pet stores. The kong is a favorite among our dogs.  This ingenious toy has a treat hidden inside and our dogs happily spend hours trying to get the treat out.

You don’t have to buy anything fancy, be creative with what you already have.  An old childs squeaky toy may capture your dog’s imagination.  An old jar of peanut butter with a few scrapings of peanut butter left in it will keep your dog occupied for hours.


One downside of leaving your dog outside more often is that they may get into the habit of barking. This can be a hard habit to train your dog out of because the problem usually occurs when you are away from the dog. One good option is an anti bark collar. These devices first warn the dog after they bark then proceed to give them an escalating correction as they continue barking. Dog’s that have been trained on a dog fence will usually learn not to bark quickly with the help of one of these collars.