Doing a Backyard Dog Fence Installation

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to do an installation that contains your pup in only the back yard and does not give them access to the front yard. The complication is that the boundary wire needs to make a complete loop, but you do not want to stop the dog being able to go in and out of the back yard.

Many people want to try and use twisted wire to make up one side of the loop, but you cannot do this. For example:

I would like to install a fencing system in my back yard and have a few questions regarding how twisted wire can be used. Can it be part of the necessary loop? If so, can the wiring be used in this order? From the transmitter box, twisted wire, then gauge wire, then twisted wire going back into the transmitter box? If this can be done, is there a maximum amount of twisted wire that can be used in and out of the transmitter box?


You need a complete loop of single wire, and cannot use the twisted wire as part of that loop. Twisted wire can only connect that loop to the control box. But there are creative options you can take to create a backyard only system:

(1) You can run the side of the loop that is along the back of the house up a downspout, across the gutter, and down a downspout on the other side, so the height of the wire above the ground stop the dog getting the correction when they go in and out the back door of your house.

After running the wire, you want to check in your house, using the collar to make sure there is no unintended wire signals inside parts of the home where you want the dog to have access.

(2) You can complete the loop tight around the front house, so the dog cannot actually go to the front of the house but (diagram 17)

(3) You can do a “U” shaped loop that doubles back on itself across along the three sides of the yard where you want to contain the dog.   Note that you want to keep opposite sections of wire at least  six feet apart, otherwise the signals from the wire will interfere with each other and could cancel each other out.

For more detailed information on laying out the dog fence, see here.

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