Australian Cattle Dog

Australian Cattle DogThe Australian Cattle Dog (often called a Blue Heeler by our friends down under), was bred to herd cattle over incredible large distances of central Australian cattle stations.   They are generally extremely high energy, and whip smart.  So you can see the attraction of a dog fence for this breed.  You want them to be able to play outside, but it is also fairly common to have difficulties containing them using only a physical fence as they use that oversized brain of theirs to plot the great escape.  See the following reader letter:

Hi, I have a ACD (australian cattle dog) or blue heeler. And we play outside alot. But our other ACD will not stay in the yard she likes to chase and chase.  Will the Innotek IUC-5100 work good for her. I know proper training is key but being that they are a like a little tank and dont mind a little pain even while playing. Not purposely of course?


We don’t have any particular problems with Aussies (the people or the dogs).  Like all working dogs, electric containment fence training is a snap for them.  As long as you are consistent with the training for the first two weeks they will quickly learn the system.  It is also important with this kind of dog that loves to chase and is so quick, that you do a bit of training over the last few days with some sort of temptation, to reinforce the rule that the fence cannot be crossed even if there is something really tempting on the other side.  (see Step 3 of our Dog Fence Training Guide)

With the training, the Innotek IUC-5100 is a good choice.  I would start with the medium setting for an ACD and adjust up or down as needed.

Bob Holmes

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  1. Joan Morrill says:

    Hi have moved to the country with aussie shep/Cattle Dog almost 7 now . no signs of slowing down even broke his toe a while back going after a rodent under neighbor’s fence. before I moved he had my mastiff breeds old chain link enclosed 35 x 70 ft pen sunk into cement with dog dr. into house. Up here we have .46 acres wide open wit farm field next door & forest behind with coyotes , deer , and bobcat, and bear. HE DOESN’T LISTEN well . He points then runs like hell into the woods and swamp . The only thing that well bring him in if he is tracking & fixed on something is the rattle of car keying & car my engine. He is like Houdini can get out of anything a lead on a pole will not do and also is unexceptable to me. (snack on a string for what lurking in the wilds) plus he can extract himself from all harness equip.. If my old pen hadn’t been in concrete he would have dug out from tat too. A wk. ago he tried to follow trail horse he didn’t know and bring them around I think? What will work ?

    ADMIN – HI Joan. There are the rare occasions when there are dogs that will not be contained. For your situation, we would recommend looking at the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence (PIG00-10777):
    PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence (PIG00-10777) is cross collar compatible and works with MOST PetSafe collars but DOES NOT WORK WITH THE YARDMAX COLLAR. This system would allow you to use the PetSafe Deluxe Collar (Standard correction levels, good for dogs between 5 and 90 pounds, $69.95), Stubborn (for large dogs or dogs that need more corrective power that are over 40 pounds, $79.95), PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver (A rechargeable collar with 4 correction levels ($119.95), Elite Little Dog (for dogs under 10 pounds, $99.95), Cat or SportDOG (most rugged and waterproof collar and is meant for dogs that are hunting or farm dogs ($99.95)) collars. All of these collars are battery operated and have indicators to let you know when the battery needs to be changed. The Stubborn collar has a correction level that starts at 50% stronger than the standard level collars and is good for dogs that have a higher pain tolerance, dogs over 100 pounds, or dogs that are over 40 pounds and hard headed. This system only operates in traditional mode and relies on the strength of the correction to dissuade the dog from running through the boundary. This is a good, reliable system that will work well in most configurations. This system will support up to 25 acres of wire.

  2. Ashleefreed says:

    So will the Innotek dog fence thing will work on a Australian cattle dog then?

    ADMIN – Hi Ashlee, Yes, the Innotek underground dog works with Australian cattle dogs. I would recommend also considering the PetSafe YardMax and the SportDog SDF100A.

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