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A common reason for wanting to install a wireless dog fence such as the PetSafe Wireless or the Perimeter Wifi Fence is that you frequently aerate your garden or plan to undertake landscaping work. The makes an in ground system less attractive because aeration often damages the wire. So can you use wireless.

I want to buy a wireless dog fence but I am not sure it will work on my property. I live in the middle of a 8 acre wooded lot. Most of the trees are away from the house so there is plenty of yard for my Jack Russell to play. I don’t want to install a underground system due to the fact that I plug my yard twice a year with a core plugger. Any suggestions?

Hi Joe,
If you go the wireless route, the tree should not be a problem if they are beyond the boundary. But of course, wireless systems are still very hit and miss even in perfect conditions. They will just not like working in some houses, especially where there are a lot of interior walls.
Also note that wireless systems have all the usual problems associated with wireless, like the vague and moving boundaries, the slow reaction time – that starts correcting the dog too late and stops correcting them too late.
A better alternative where possible is to try and use an inground system. Create a small corridor to run the fence where it will not be subject to the aerator. If you place the wire in old hose pipe, it can be protected from most errant aerator damage if it is in a protected corridor of ground.
Hope that helps
Bob Holmes

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