Administering the Correction

When training your dog gets a correction from your electric dog fence, the natural instinct will be to try and comfort your dog.  Resist this instinct.  Just firmly instruct the dog to return to the safe area and continue to confidently play with your dog as if nothing happened.

Here’s why …

The correction is not a big deal, if you doubt this try it on yourself.  It feels a lot like a static shock you might get from walking on carpet and touching a door knob.  It is over quickly and leaves no lasting pain.  But, it is a big suprise for your dog and they don’t know what to expect next.

Now if you  comfort the dog and fuss over them they will take this as a cue that there really is something bad happening and that they are in danger even in the safe area.  But if you keep acting like the dog’s natural leader and guide them back to the safe area where you carry on like normal, then the dog will take it as a cue that everything is ok as long as they stay in the safe area.

So you can see why you should not try and comfort a dog that has just received a correction.  Rather, the kind thing to do is to guide them back to the safe area and continue to confidently resume what you were both doing before the correction took place.

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