Verbal Command During Dog Fence Training

When training the dog to recognise their boundaries, we usually use a verbal command to let them know what they are doing is not the desired outcome and to reinforce the physical training. We usually use the word “No.” A reader asks if you can use any other command.

I was reading the training information on your site where you recommend to say “No, No, No” as the dog approaches the electric boundary fence. Since we say “No” so often for other things, I was thinking of using the words “STOP, STOP, STOP” instead. The main reason being that I thought that perhaps this would also help train her to stop if she gets loose at other venues, even though there’d be no correction. For example, mine slipped out of the car when I opened the door at a park and would not stop going away from me. She doesn’t actually run away, but she goes off exploring at a moderate pace just out of my reach.

Also, I’d be less likely to use the word stop for other behaviors that I might use the word “NO” for. I just don’t want to end up with a skittish dog that cowers whenever I say the word “no”.

I’m thinking it makes no difference what word you use when training to t he fence… am I correct? If so, are there any other words that clients have used successfully? I was also thinking maybe TURN! Would be a good one. What do you think?


Hi Jo,

My word of choice is “STELLA!!!!” followed by a little foaming at the mouth. Just kidding. Actually, I’m not aware of any words that are more successful to use over others.

You make a great point and I think saying “STOP” is a great command to use. Really any word, will do just make sure that you say it like you mean it. The dogs are getting more from the tone of your voice than they actual verbal content. The only word I would stay away from is the dog’s name. We always want to avoid using the dog’s name for anything negative. We want Rufus to always be associated with positive experiences, so that when we do call Rufus and it is important he comes right away.

Wes Riojas
General Manager
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