2017 Dog Fence DIY Animal Photographer & Journalism Student Scholarship

For two years in a row we have offered scholarships to students in the fields of veterinary medicine and agriculture in an effort to contribute in the shaping of new industry professionals.

After much feedback we are revisiting our program in order to provide funding to students whose academic efforts support other aspects of our business. Dog Fence DIY specializes in retailing dog containment products. Our success is rooted in significant knowledge of animal behavior and training but also the support of superior blog & content writers and first class photographers that make us one of the most popular dog fence websites. In 2017 we want to recognize the effort of such professionals by providing two small scholarships to students of photography and/or journalism.

Award Amount

  • Two $500 scholarships are available. One for a student of Journalism and one for a student of photography
  • To be used at the student’s discretion for living expenses, educational expenses or quality of life expenses


Award Criteria and Eligibility

  • 4-year or vocational degree or training in photography or journalism
  • Strong interest in animals as shown through portfolio, Instagram, blog or social media.
  • Able to speak English fluently.
  • Can provide evidence of current enrollment.
  • Has not received other scholarships from in the past
  • Hold a minimum 3.5 grade point average (GPA) or equivalent

Renewal Guidelines

  •    The student must maintain a 3.5 GPA in order to receive each increment
  •    The student must maintain full-time enrollment and must remain in good standing at their institution

Application Deadlines

  •    September 1, 2017

Dog Fence DIY will notify the recipient of the scholarship no later than September 15, 2017


About is a world class distributor of wireless dog fence solutions for self installation. is family owned at takes pride in providing high quality affordable options to vendor-installed electronic and invisible dog fences®. has assisted thousands of families in creating safe outdoor environments for their dogs in a cost effective format. The dog containment systems available at our website meet the highest criteria for quality and safety. is proud to extend a helping hand to future veterinary professionals because we are all part of the bigger picture when it comes to improving the lives of canine companions. Other community outreach efforts include educational material for dog shelters as well as bulk supply donations to deserving dog charities.

Submission Process


Blog Entry

If you have your own blog or website you may enter by creating a post featuring your work through words and images as you explore the topic of dog safety and/or training.  Your entry should make reference to this scholarship by including the following statement:

” I am participating in the third annual scholarship. Dog Fence DIY is a premier retailer of wired and wireless electric dog fences”.

Your post should include at least 500 words or if your focus is the visual arts at least 10 photos exploring dog safety and training. Once your post is published please notify our scholarship manager by emailing her at with a link to your post.

Instagram Entry

Instagram participation can be for students of photography or journalism. To engage you will create a 7-day series with visuals and text that explore why you love your dog. On each image you should include a disclosure that reads as follows:

” I am participating in 2017 scholarship contest”

Please notify of your Instagram name so she can follow you and include your entry.

Facebook Entry

Students may also participate by writing a long-entry on their Facebook page addressing the issue of abandoned and neglected dogs. Their entry should be set to public and should be shared at Dog Fence DIY Facebook page.



Criteria For Selection

Our panel of six board members will award the scholarships based on how the student demonstrates effectiveness in communicating and proliferating a message. Our board will look for the following:

  • Social traction.
  • Creativity
  • Accuracy in messaging
  • Grammatical excellence
  • Technical skills conveyed through the quality of images used. (Specific for those in the photography field)



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