Why do Dogs Run Away? & Simple Tips to Contain Escape Artists

by Gayla on July 23, 2014

One of the most frustrating experiences of dog ownership is having to deal with a dog with escape artist tendencies. A dog that finds a way out of their fence presents a risk to himself and to others and can cause great anxiety to their owners. Some breeds have a higher propensity to escape others are homebodies. In selecting the perfect dog for you and your family take into account the way you plan to contain your dog and the probability of having to deal with frequent escapes. But why do dogs run away?


Dogs Run Away Because They Are Curious

One of the most common reasons for dogs to escape or dig under the fence is curiosity. Noises in their environment trigger the need to explore or in some situations socialize with other animals or people on the other side of the fence. If your dog struggles with curiosity which often results in incessant barking consider installing a Clearview Fence Solution.

Dogs Run Away Due to Lack of Estimation

Dogs are social animals who have been conditioned to interact with their environment, other animals and humans, If your dog is vaulting out the door at the first chance he gets it may be that he is underestimated. Hunting breeds for example require far more than two ten minute walks per day. If your dog appears to be escaping from your yard or via the front door due to lack of estimation consider increasing their social and fitness routines, if that is not sufficient a training collar with a marked perimeter might just do the trick.

Dogs Run Away Due to Lack of Physical Boundaries

Depending on the layout of your property you may or may not be able to install a fence in a cost effective fashion. If you don’t have a physical boundary containing your dogs chances are sooner or later their curiosity will make them wonder beyond their perimeter and frequently put their safety at risk. A wired electric dog fence is a great alternative to traditional fences in terms of cost.

Dogs Run Away When They Are in Heat

If you have not spayed or neutred your dog you may find yourself with a wonderer when they are in heat. In addition to putting their safety at risk you may also find yourself with unwanted puppies or an injured dog. You can learn more about the importance of spaying on our ebook Adopting a Rescue Dog.

Dogs Run Away When Something Triggers Their Hunting Instincts

Squirrels, birds, bunnies & deers can trigger your dog’s hunting and retrieving instincts. Even the best of fences can be easily conquered by a dog with a drive to hunt. Hunting breeds must receive proper training to reduce the risks associated with escapes

Dogs Run Away Due to Lack of Proper Dog Fences or Containment

A poorly installed fence or one that is too short or not deep enough will facilitate escapes. If you are dealing with a dog that does not understand boundaries, has stubborn tendencies and is jeopardizing their safety by escaping often consider working on recall training and exploring a highly rated dog fence such as the YardMax featuring run through prevention stimulation

What is Run Through Prevention?

Traditional fence technology: The wall transmitter broadcast the radio signal in a radius around the boundary wire. The user can adjust the radius between 2 to 10 feet.  The dog fence collar will first beep when it approaches the wire at the set signal radius from the wire. The collar beeps for 3 seconds then begins to deliver the static correction.

YardMax Technology: The wall transmitter broadcast the radio signal in the same way as the traditional mode. The difference in operation is with the YardMax collar. When the collar passes through the radius signal, the collar will “turn on” and will not “turn off” until the collar returns over the wire or the collar remains outside of the loop for 15 seconds.
Summary: The YardMax has a true run through prevention versus the traditional fences. With a traditional fence, if the dog runs across the wire, the collar will only deliver the correction inside the radius signal which is only around the wire. With the YardMax, when the dog runs across the wire, the collar simply begins delivering the correction no matter how far they run (up to 15 seconds).


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