Underwater Installation

by Gajan Retnasaba on April 2, 2013

Steve asks some questions about running an underwater line on the dog fence.


I have a rambunctious cocker that is 10 months old and obviously needs your help. He is 20lbs and probably full grown at this point. We live on an acre situated on a lake. The dogs (10 yr old cocker) love to play in the lake as well as chase rabbits and anything that moves.

I noticed in some of the drawings I can submerge the wiring without concern. How effective is the signal at various depths, in that they will swim a distance into the lake?

What collar will work best for this application?

Some of your plans show the wiring in a way to suggest that there are two layers of defense at work, how far apart do they need to be kept if we would desire the added layer of protection?

I have an inground sprinkler system as well, will there be any cross talk between these systems, if so how do we eliminate this?

Are these systems only sold as kits or can they be purchased ala carte?

Finally, what would you recommend!?

Thanks for your assistance in advance!

Hi Steve,

(1) You can submerge the wiring. I try and strategically place the wire so that there are no splices in the underwater section. You can get it to be effective submerged to around three feet. I would however caution against underwater installation, they are more prone to breaks and it is harder to train the dogs in water because turning and retreating is much slower when they are swimming

(2) Any of the fully waterproof systems will do well. You would also want something on the smaller side since he is not going to be a big dog. Two good options would be the PetSafe Ultrasmart, and the PetSafe Inground. The SportDog Fence also has excellent waterproofing, but I think it is going to be a bit bigger than is ideal on a cocker spaniel.

(3) The double loops (large U-shaped loops), are designed for situations where you only want to fence in 3-sides of a yard, but still need a complete loop to make the system work. They so also give you a second layer of defense, but you can get this same effect with only one wire by turning up the boundary width setting on the fence. You want the wires to be around 6 feet apart or more.

(4) There isn’t any interference with sprinkler systems. Neighboring dog fence systems are really the only significant source of interference.

(5) Most of the systems can be purchase ala carte if you call in. But, most people opt for the basic kits (since most people inevitably need the base station, collar, and wire).

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