Trampoline Interference With Dog Fence

by Gajan Retnasaba on September 6, 2011

A customer asks why the dog fence collar keeps going off near the trampoline when the trampoline is placed near the dog fence boundary.

I just installed an older invisible fence- 14 gauge wire. It works, but the transmitter is very old. Model ICT 150 with a LP 3000. It only has 2 correction levels that I can tell and at 7k there is no sound. I’m thinking of purchasing a new transmitter and collar, wondering what your thoughts are on that as well, I’m wondering if a trampoline in the backyard could cause interference-my dog received a shock in the middle of the yard and the beeper goes off at about 5 ft. From wire, I was thinking that was pretty far(doesn’t leave a very big yard for my dog Max.)

Hi Candace,

I am not too familiar with that model Invisible Fence, so I’m afraid I can’t tell you much about it. The invisible fences transmitters are usually dual frequency (7k & 10k) which I think is the switch you are seeing. The collars are not dual frequency, so that is why you collars beep on one setting and not the other.

The correction level usually cannot be changed by the user, it is set at the collar and can only be done by an Invisible Fence tech, because they have a special tool.

With most systems, you can adjust how wide the dog fence boundary is. There should be dial on the control box that lets you reduce that boundary width so it only goes off nearer to the wire. (Depending on the dog, 3-5 feet is a normal distance, but in small yards with a dog that is already well trained you can reduce it further).

Metal close to the dog fence line and parallel to the line often magnifies the dog fence signal. Trampolines with their metal frame often cause the problem you describe. (I am guessing you have a rectangular or square trampoline and not a circular tramp) You can often stop it happening by angling the trampoline so none of the four sides of the frame is parallel to the nearest section of boundary wire.

If your system works well, I would keep it and just pay to have an Invisible Fence technician come out and tweak the settings for you. If it doesn’t work, it would be easy to switch out for a DIY model. If you tell me a little bit more about Max (breed, age, size, temperament), I would be happy to make a suggestion.

Let us know if you need any further assistance!

Best Regards,
Mr. Jody Riojas
Customer Support Manager

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Steve July 23, 2014 at 9:56 pm

The trampoline is “trapping the I.F. signal. Try breaking the conductivity of the metal trampoline by taking apart a part of the trampoline support ring and inserting a piece of thin rubber ( eg an piece of old inner tube) to break the signal by insulating the pipe section.

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