What to do if your trained dogs suddenly disregard the boundary?

by Gajan Retnasaba on August 25, 2010

The reader asked how do you go about containing dogs who suddenly begin disobeying the fence?

Hi I have a 2 year old st. bernard and pyranise mix she wieghs about 110 and we have the stubborn dog collar and fence and the correction level is all the way up. but the dog still runs through it, do you have any suggestions how to keep her in the yard?

Hi Cory,

There are several recommendations we have for containing dog’s who disregard their dog fence boundary.

1) Thin the fur on the dog’s neck with scissors or clippers to guarantee a good fitting collar.  If you’re not using long fur probes, we suggest changing to those.

2) Increase the boundary width if possible.  Widen the boundary as wide as your property can take that still gives your dogs plenty of space to play.  This will increase the area in which your dog will receive correction and make it more difficult to bolt through.

3) Most importantly, re-train your dogs.  The successful containment formula is training + correction.  Correction alone rarely contains any dog.  With your dogs boldly disobeying the rules, it’s time to go back to square one.  Treat this as if your dogs have never been on the fence and you need to train them for the first time.  So, set up your flags to establish the new, wider boundary and begin supervising your dogs play.  Until your dogs can prove they respect the boundary, keep training and do not let them in the yard unsupervised.  You don’t want to force your dogs to the boundary, but you want to be present give commands.  Try using a leash that has a long lead so that your dogs can play, but if they try to leave, you can reinforce the correct behavior.  Make sure to have a great, positive attitude about it as well.  Reward him with treats when he does the right thing.

Making your yard the fun, safe place to be is the biggest lesson your teaching your dogs.  And remember, patience and persistence with the above tips will go a long way in solving your dog containment issue.

Best Regards,

Wes Riojas
General Manager
Dog Fence DIY .com

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