WiFi Fence Notices

by Gajan Retnasaba on July 31, 2009

Perimeter Technologies has issued a couple of notices related to the WiFi Fence.  

The following are areas of importance to be display prominently to consumers interested in purchasing a WiFi Fencing product.

  • Do not sell to consumers who have metal siding and/or roofs.
  • Do not sell to consumers who have large metal structures on their property.
  • Do not sell to consumers who wish to contain their dog(s) in wooded areas.

In addition, many websites are inaccurately representing the stimulation profile of the WiFi Fence.  For clarification this product offers 8 levels of correction; from 0 being no correction/tone only to 8 being a significant correction.  This product does not offer a progressive stimulation feature like our buried wire fences. 

There is also a new diagram showing how the WiFi works:

WiFi Fence Diagram

WiFi Fence Diagram

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Ben November 1, 2010 at 9:22 pm

Thanks for this note – good to know the WiFi won’t work with all our trees on the property. Can you tell me if the Petsafe IF-300 will work through the trees? Is the Petsafe model set up to handle 2 dogs?

ADMIN – Hi Ben,

All three wireless systems have a lot of trouble with trees. The Havahart is your best bet, but even that is going to have problems with heavy woods. I would opt for a wired system.

All three wireless systems can handle two dogs.

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