20 Things You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Dogs are known to be human vacuum cleaners, scarfing anything that falls to the floor, and just about anything they can get their paws on. Many times visitors and kids will partake in feeding your dog human food, thinking it is funny watching them beg or they see the dog as a way to get out of eating those nasty green vegetables, like broccoli. While it happens often, the fact is, the best option is to give your pup dog food and dog food only! You should be careful about what your dog puts in his mouth as there are a number of human foods he should never eat due to your dog’s inability to digest the toxins associated with them.

Animal Bones

While you typically think dogs and bones go good together you should only give them bones specifically made for your dog. Real animal bones, especially small ones, can break and become lodged into your dog’s digestive system or worse, cut/scrape the dog’s digestive system.


Alcohol could cause your dog to become intoxicated, and even could even have a fatal outcome.

Anything with Caffeine, Theobromine, or Theophylline (includes chocolate, coffee, tea, pop, etc.)

Caffeine, Theobromine or Theophylline can be toxic to your dog. They can have a negative effect on your dog’s cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Animal Fat

Excessive animal fat in your dog’s diet could cause pancreatitis.


Are known to be toxic to dogs, can cause damage to the dog’s kidneys.

Vitamins or Supplements with Iron

Can cause damage to the digestive system and be problematic for other organs, including kidneys and the liver.

Animal Liver

Large amounts of liver have been connected to vitamin A toxicity, which could damage your dog’s muscles and/or bones.

Macadamia Nuts

Another food that is toxic to dogs. These nuts can cause issues for the dog’s intestinal/digestive system and nervous system.


If your dog happens to be lactose intolerant (lacking enough of the enzyme lactase) milk could cause flu like symptoms, including diarrhea

Garbage or Spoiled Food

Spoiled food isn’t good for humans or dogs. Can cause food poisoning symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea.


Is toxic to your dog and can result in shock or death.


Can negatively affect a dog’s red blood cell count and cause anemia.


Can negatively affect a dog’s red blood cell count and cause anemia.

Fruit Pits

Can cause major damage to the digestive track if swallowed.

Raw Eggs

Besides the dangers of salmonella, raw eggs can cause issues with dog’s skin and hair.

Raw Fish

Can cause a vitamin B deficiency, leading to seizures and even death.


Could result in water retention, in extreme cases leading to toxicity.

Sugary Foods

Too much can result in poor oral health, obesity and diabetes.


Can cause gas, and in extreme cases coupled with pain and possible intestinal rupture.

Anything with Xylitol

Xylitol has been linked to liver failure.

While this may surprise you, items listed here should not be eaten by your dog. If he has already eaten any of those items, you should restrict these items immediately. Your dog can only handle a certain amount before irreversible damage may occur. If your dog is known for dumpster diving in area  garbage cans, you might try an invisible fence to keep your dog within safe and healthy boundaries. Invisible fences provide more benefits than just keeping your pet in your yard, it keeps him out of other yards and conditions that may be hazardous to his health and well being.

Talk to your veterinarian if you have more specific questions on what your dog should and should not eat. The best diet for your precious dog is always the best dog food you can afford. Again, ask your veterinarian for brand and formula recommendations based on your dog’s health concerns.

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