Kevin A.

We got the IUC – 5100 for our 2 Vizsula’s that are less than a year old. They on occasion were running off to chase everything through the countryside. I even had to pick them up at a house almost 2 miles away one day.After a day of setting up almost a […]

Jennifer Manderscheid

I purchased the INNOTEK invisible fence system over a year ago and love it. I found it very easy to install and it works great for our crazy Jack Russells. The ease of installing was coupled with the great step by step instructions. The techs were available by phone with any questions […]

T. Nelson

Your responses to my questions were not only prompt but in wonderful detail including sending drawings which clarified the answers you provided. The only other times I have received such excellent service is when I have paid a consultant to help me. I have recommended you to other people for various needs […]

Diane Snoke

We were very pleased with the Dog Fence system that we purchased from your company. The directions were clear & my husband (not me) was able to follow them without many problems. We ended up having to move after six months & easily moved the dog fence system with us. We were […]

Kent King

We used Dog Fence DIY to install an underground fence system around our 5 acre farm. We have horses, so the underground wire had to be at least 6″ in the ground to keep from being stepped on/broken in the mud. Dog Fence DIY was extremely helpful and supplied us with exactly […]

Debbie Wright

I am very happy with the Innotek Ultrasmart 5100 Contain n Train system. I live in a neighborhood where fences are considered unattractive and unfriendly. My neighbor would be upset if I put up a fence even if it’s sole purpose was to keep my 100 pound dog in the yard. I […]

Andy E.

I am an avid do it yourselfer and found Dog Fence DIY to be a source of great information. I have recommended it to a few friends. The information on the site is so comprehensive that I found it to be a perfect one stop shop. I went from someone with a […]

John G.

I purchased the Innotek IUC-4100 in April 2010. The product arrived within 3 days. The kit contained everything needed. I had some questions regarding a single loop, backyard only installation. Wes replied quickly to my emails and I was off and running with the install. I laid about 500 feet of cable […]